Review Process

The review process for The Journal of Information Technology, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering (JITCSE) follows a rigorous and transparent procedure to ensure the quality and integrity of published articles. Our review process typically consists of the following steps:

  1. Submission: Authors submit their manuscripts electronically through the journal's online submission system, adhering to the specified formatting guidelines and submission requirements.

  2. Initial Evaluation: Upon submission, the editorial team conducts an initial assessment to ensure that the manuscript meets the journal's scope and formatting standards. Manuscripts that do not meet these criteria may be returned to the authors for revisions or rejected outright.

  3. Peer Review: Submissions passing the initial evaluation undergo a thorough peer review process. The editorial team selects qualified reviewers with expertise in the relevant subject matter to evaluate the manuscript's quality, significance, originality, methodology, and adherence to ethical standards. Reviewers provide constructive feedback and recommend whether the manuscript should be accepted, revised, or rejected.

  4. Decision Making: Based on the reviewers' feedback, the editorial board makes a decision regarding the manuscript. Possible decisions include acceptance, acceptance with revisions, conditional acceptance pending major revisions, or rejection. The decision is communicated to the authors along with reviewers' comments to guide revisions, if necessary.

  5. Revisions: If revisions are requested, authors are given an opportunity to revise their manuscript based on reviewers' comments and suggestions. Revised manuscripts undergo further evaluation to ensure that all concerns have been adequately addressed.

  6. Final Decision: After revisions, the manuscript is reassessed by the editorial team to determine whether it meets the journal's standards for publication. Upon approval, the manuscript is accepted for publication.

  7. Publication: Accepted manuscripts are formatted and prepared for publication in the journal's upcoming issue. Authors are notified once their article is published online and made available to the journal's readership.

Throughout the review process, JITCSE upholds the principles of confidentiality, fairness, and academic integrity to maintain the credibility and reputation of the journal. We strive to provide authors with timely and constructive feedback while upholding high standards of scholarly excellence.